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The Savings and Health Facts Over Buying Bottled Water
Some families are already concerned about 
drinking  good quality water, and they are already buying “bottled of water.” The average an American family spends per year on bottled water is approximately $500.  In addition to that, if they don’t buy a cooler, they will have to rent one. 

Owning a Reverse Osmosis means that families will not have bottled water, sitting on a container. Their water will be fresh (not stored in a bottle), and they will not need to rent a cooler.  A line will be hooked to the refrigerator with another line to the sink.   Families  will permanently have fresh water to drink!

Once the complete water filtration system has been paid for, this will start paying for itself. The benefits of drinking safety water will remain and the savings from not buying bottled water will put money back into their packet. 

The Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

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