Live Pure.


More people are turning to water filters to ensure that what they drink tastes good and is free from contaminants. But is it really necessary to invest in a filtration system to enjoy these benefits? Why plain tap water is not good enough for your health? 

Yes, the supply from the tap is generally safe according to minimal government regulations; but, there are many reasons and benefits to your health to opt for filtered water instead. Drinking filtered water means you can be confident about what you are putting into your body. Filtered water tend to taste better than what you might get straight from the tap, making it more appealing to drink and increasing the likelihood that you will consume enough to meet your body’s needs.  
Water does not have to taste or smell bad to contain harmful chemicals. Water treatment facilities are geared solely for the prevention of waterborne diseases. In addition, the chlorine added to water by these treatment plans can react with organic matter present to form toxic, carcinogenic organic compounds known as Trihalomenthanes (THMs).  

Great Lakes Water Inc. wants to ensure you and your family have the best filtered water to meet all your needs. We provide you with the tools necessary to improve the quality of water and therefore your life style. Be one of the thousands of people who are taking advantage of our programs and your family can enjoy from all the health benefits purified water has! 

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